Protesting Walmart’s and Trump’s Unholy Alliance (October 2016)

Black Friday 2014 protest at the North Bergen, NJ Walmart



On October 16, 2014 Walmart workers joined other low-wage workers in NYC to advocate for better pay, full-time work and workplace justice!



In June 2014, Walmart-Free NYC and allies – including many elected representatives – rallied to keep Walmart’s toxic money out of New York City



In urban communities across the United States, Walmart is facing serious opposition to opening stores. This video shows how one city coalition, Walmart Free NYC, is raising awareness about what Walmart would really mean for New York’s neighborhoods.



Food and Water Watch release a report about why Walmart can’t fix the food system. To the contrary, it is the source of the problem.



Walmart action at Occupy Wall Street and Walmart administrative office in New York.



Walmart CEO Mike Duke visited New York City to have breakfast with a roomful of corporate elites. So we decided to throw him a little surprise party, brass band in tow!