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Sign the letter to the new Wal-Mart CEO

Today, Wal-Mart has a new CEO. Mike Duke has the historic opportunity to turn the page, and finally start doing things the right way at Wal-Mart. Sign our open letter of support to Wal-Mart workers, outlining what their new boss can do – starting today – to let them live better, too. We’ll be posting the letter on our website, and sending it to every employee that we talk with — and we’ll make sure to send Mike Duke a signed copy as well.

Follow this link to sign the letter: http://action.walmartwatch.com/page/s/mikeduke

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Wal-Mart Daily News…Bruce Springsteen regrets business with Wal-Mart

CHICAGO - SEPTEMBER 26:  Wal-Mart employee Mic...Image by Getty Images via Daylife

Bruce Springsteen regrets the deal he made with Wal-Mart….

Bruce Springsteen calls his exclusive Wal-Mart deal a “mistake”…“given its labor history, it was something that if we’d thought about it a little longer, we’d have done something different.”

Netflix, the Web’s No. 1 video rental service, and Wal-Mart are being accused in a class-action lawsuit of unfairly setting prices for their rental services.

More violence at Wal-Mart.

A woman was found dead at Wal-Mart in Albany.

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Weekly Wal-Mart News, Tax loopholes close, Lee Scott for Universal Healthcare and a new private label line.

NILES, IL - AUGUST 15:  A construction crew wo...Image by Getty Images via DaylifeYesterday Lee Scott addressed the National Retail Federation in New York City, urging cooperation to solve the nations health care crisis.

Lee Scott, the outgoing chief executive officer of Wal-Mart Stores, asked business leaders to embrace such initiatives as universal health care, renewable energy and immigration reform during a presentation to attendees at the National Retail Federation’s Big Show here yesterday.

He [Lee Scott], also sees a new consumer mindset.

Local retailers throughout China are teaming up to battle Wal-Mart.

The recession finally hits Wal-Mart.

The first Wal-Mart neighborhood market opened in Virginia…They also opened one in Florida today.

Wal-Mart also continues to violate Connecticut state tax laws, even after promising to comply.

The Animal Defence League of Canada is celebrating a “major victory” after Wal-Mart Canada agreed to pull a type of Chinese-made slippers that contained real rabbit fur from its shelves.

Another Wal-Mart Tax loophole may come to an end, this time in West Virginia.

The UFCW is gearing up for their Wal-Mart battle in Canada.

More info on Wal-Mart’s new private label line “the Wal-Mart Great Value line”

And if that’s not enough Wal-Mart news, they’re also on the verge of setting up shop in Russia.

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Unfair labour practices case against Wal-Mart moving forward

Unfair labour practices case against Wal-Mart moving forward


REGINA — An unfair labour practices case — involving allegations that Wal-Mart Canada tried to intimidate workers in Saskatchewan by closing a store in Quebec — can proceed, according to a ruling by the Saskatchewan Labour Relations Board.

The board, in a decision released Oct. 24, dismissed a “preliminary application” by Wal-Mart to quash the application by the United Food and Commercial Workers union, which is seeking permission to represent Wal-Mart workers in Weyburn, North Battleford and Moose Jaw.

The UFCW argued that the threat of closure and the closure of a Wal-Mart store in Jonquirere, Que., after it was unionized was an unfair labour practice designed to intimidate workers, including Wal-Mart workers in Saskatchewan.

John Beckman, a lawyer who represents Wal-Mart, argued against the union application on several grounds, including one that the Saskatchewan Labour Relations Board had no jurisdiction to make rulings on events which occurred in Quebec.

But the Saskatchewan Labour Relations Board ruled that it “has the jurisdiction to inquire into, hear and determine the application” made by the union.

“The fact that the actions of Wal-Mart upon which the allegations are based were committed outside of Saskatchewan does not mean that they cannot constitute violation of the restriction on intimidation of its employees in (Saskatchewan),” the labour relations board ruled.

The ruling by the board is the latest one in a long-standing fight between the UFCW and Wal-Mart about the unionization of Wal-Mart workers in Saskatchewan and about related legal and labour relations issues.

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