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We haven’t had a legitimate update in about a month, but here’s what’s been going on in Wal-Mart world….

Massachusetts has been deprived of $600M in unpaid fines by Wal-Mart.

They’ve pulled the plug on their DRM music system. Leaving all customers who tried to buy music legally confused…

They just announced today, they  will close 20 stores and cut its work force by about 350 in Japan.

Somehow they’re selling illegal wood, smuggled in from Russia, as toilet seats.  Reported by the New Yorker.

Wal-Mart stores will now strictly focus on customer experiences.

They’re also being sued for a variety of violations in NJ.
The Illinois Equal Employment Opportunity Commission has sued Wal-Mart in federal court on behalf of a Rockford woman who claims she was fired because she had epilepsy.

They were also paying employees in store vouchers as payment in Mexico

“Always Low Prices” isn’t always a good thing for Wal-Mart, apparently. The discounter was warned by Puerto Rican authorities on Thursday that it was selling milk too cheaply on the island.

Thats just one month. wow.

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