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Rocky Point vs. Wal-Mart

As more and more communities are learning the true cost of a low price, their campaigns against the world’s largest company continue to grow throughout the country. The latest in our area takes place in Suffolk County, Long Island. A proposal to bring a Wal-Mart to what was once a Drive In Movie theater has the community banding together to keep the corporate giant out of their town. The Suffolk Life Newspaper highlights the feud.

The Rocky Point Civic Association, headed by Drew Martin, found out about the potential Wal-Mart development only after a local resident saw bulldozers on the lot and asked the workers what they were for, according to Martin.
“We do not want a Wal-Mart here,” he said. “Wal-Mart is like a big middle finger to us. They have such an unfair competitive advantage. They buy in such volume that no local retailer can compete with them. The economic impact on our downtown would be severe. It would be a recipe for disaster all the way around.”

Read the entire story here. Support the Rocky Point community by heading to the Rocky Point Civic Association website. They’re showing the High Cost of a Low Price tomorrow actually at a local VFW, if you’re in the area come show your support!

Newsday also covered the story last week, we’ll post more information on this site fight once we get it.