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The Building Blocks Project

Every family needs access to healthy, affordable food; and every worker has the right to organize, earn a living wage, and have quality health insurance and benefits. That is why the Building Blocks Project brings together so many different people—workers, healthcare professionals, hunger and nutrition advocates, food access experts, elected leaders, community activists and faith-based leaders—to ensure that all communities are built on a solid foundation of three Building Blocks: Good Food, Good Jobs, and Good Health.

Be part of the conversation and join the movement! Learn more about the Building Blocks Project, find the facts about food justice, become involved in your community, and stand in solidarity with other workers and eaters so that we can all share in the American Dream. Please visit the Building Blocks Project’s new website (http://buildingblocksproject.org/), which we are happy to launch today

New York State's largest Grocery Union responds to Mayor Bloomberg's Wal-Mart endorsments

In today’s New York Sun, Mayor Bloomberg says of Wal-Mart; “Wal-Mart clearly shares our goals, and their commitment to public safety really is commendable,” This morning, New York’s largest Grocery Union was taken back by this comment and issued a response.

“With all due respect to the Mayor, I would ask him to take a close look at Wal-marts long, well documented history of being one this country’s most irresponsible employers. Wal-mart has paid hundreds of millions of dollars in wage and hour violations, encouraged workers to go on tax payer funded healthcare rather than provide accessible insurance, has allowed overseas child labor to produce their products, is a defendant in this Nation’s largest gender discrimination lawsuit and been responsible for the loss of hundreds of thousands of jobs and lost local businesses. Their overall behavior has been anything but responsible,” stated Bruce W. Both, President of United Food and Commercial Workers Union Local 1500.

Read the entire Press Release at Local 1500’s blog.