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Wal-Mart close to unionizing in Miami, Florida

Downtown Miami HDRImage by anonymonk via Flickr

Breaking news from Miami,
Miami may have the first Wal-Mart to unionize in the United States.

Walmart Workers for Change, a new campaign claiming to represent thousands of the Bentonville, Ark.-based mega-retailer’s 1.3 million associates across the United States, the campaign has employees in over 100 stores in 15 states who have signed union representation cards, alleging a lack of respect from the company, in addition to low wages and inadequate benefits as reasons to become unionized.

Check their new video here.

Chicago’s Wal-Mart super-center is now back on the table.

Exon Mobil overtakes Wal-Mart Stores to top the Fortune 500.

UFCW steps up organizing efforts at Wal-Mart.

More Wal-Mart’s around the country are showing signs of organizing.

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For the fifth time in six years, Wal-Mart tops the Fortune 500 list

Despite the PR nightmares and mistreatment of workers Wal-Mart remains on top of the Fortune 500 list again for the fifth time in the last six years. From CNN.com

The retail giant reclaims the top spot on the Fortune 500, making it the largest company in the United States for the fifth time in six years. The company suffered a series of public relations gaffes last year, but has launched a crusade to spruce up its image. It now employs 1.9 million people worldwide and revenues are up 11% over last year, but profits grew less than 1%, amid a slowdown in same-store sales.