Why Is Walmart’s NYC Campaign Silent As Parent Company Defends LGBTQ Discrimination?

New York -The Stonewall Democratic Club of New York City, a top LGBTQ organization, slammed Walmart today following an explosive New York Times article that revealed the retailer’s e-commerce operation, through the company’s relationship with a marketing affiliate, has been helping to bankroll groups that actively oppose LGBTQ rights. (See New York times, “Retailers Are Put On Spot Over Anti-Gay Aid”, September 25, 2011)

“We are alarmed and offended by the news that Walmart is funneling money to well-known anti-gay groups and disrespecting so many LGBTQ Americans,” said Joseph Hagelmann III, President of the Stonewall Democratic Club of New York City, the largest and oldest LGBTQ political club in the city.

“Walmart is spending millions to win over New York City residents, but its officials have never reached out to us and have never marched with us,” Hagelmann continued. “Now we know why. Walmart’s actions and record on LGBTQ issues are simply indefensible. Walmart is a threat to New York City, the historic home of the LGBTQ movement, and we continue to oppose Walmart opening stores here.”

Walmart has long failed to support the LGBTQ community. Among the most disturbing facts:

Walmart Has Flunked National Tests of How Well It Treats LGBTQ Employees

Walmart Recently Allowed a Supervisor to Humiliate and Shame a Gay Employee

Walmart Does Not Adequately Protect Its Transgender Employees

Walmart Has Sold Anti-Gay Children’s Books in Many of Its Stores

Walmart’s Poor LGBTQ Record Stands Out Among Fortune 500 Companies

Walmart’s Current CEO Has Opposed Gay and Lesbian Adoption

“Walmart’s awful LGBTQ history is a problem that money and corporate spin can’t solve,” said Stephanie Yazgi, Director of the Walmart Free NYC campaign. “Walmart NYC’s campaign needs to tell their corporate offices back in Bentonville to sever all ties with groups that want to roll back decades of gains in LGBTQ rights. Walmart clearly does not share New York’s values. If the company did, it would not be helping to fund groups that want to trample on the rights and dignity of New York’s LGBTQ community.”

These reactions come as Walmart is reportedly desperate for growth in New York City and possibly looking to build more than 150 stores across the five boroughs, according to a major new study.