December, 2010


2.2 Million Heaters Sold Exclusively in Wal-Mart and Made in China, Recalled Due To Fire Hazards

“I won’t leave New Yorkers Out in the Cold” – Small Business Owner Howard Blady

Today small business owner Howard Blady announced he’ll offer a 10% discount on space heaters in response to the Consumer Product Safety Commission’s recall of approximately 2.2 million defective heaters sold exclusively at Wal-Mart.

The heaters have caused fires, burns, smoke inhalation, and property damage.  The recall comes as the holiday season enters the stretch, and with millions of New Yorkers planning to visit family and loved ones- many of whom may own these defective heaters.

“We’re a local store.  We choose better quality products for our neighborhood because we want our customers to come back. We look out for our shoppers because they are our neighbors and this is our community,” said Howard Blady, owner of Klearview Appliance, located at 3707 Nostrand Avenue in Brooklyn.

“Maybe Wal-Mart does not know this, but here in New York City a little spark from a heater can lead to a disaster for an entire block,” said  Pat Boone, a Brooklyn grandparent and leader in New York Communities for Change. “Millions of New Yorkers live in cramped apartments, or in public housing, and a little spark can mean the difference between having a home or not. We don’t need Wal-Mart selling us bad products.”

Blady is encouraging New Yorkers to take advantage of the discount, which he’ll offer throughout the weekend.

There have been 21 reported incidents regarding the heaters. Of those 21, 11 have resulted in property damage beyond the heater itself, and three people have required medical attention for minor burns and smoke inhalation. The rest of the incidents include sparking, smoke irritation and property damage. Owners of the product are urged to stop using it, and return it immediately.

Representatives of Klearview Appliance are available for interviews upon request. To schedule an interview, please contact Eric Koch at or at 646.200.5309.


Wal-Mart Tries Again for New York City Store

Here are some recent stories on Wal-Marts attempt to invade NYC:

New York City Council Postpones Wal-Mart Hearing 
Citing a committee room too small to accommodate growing interest in a hearing next week about the economic impact of Wal-Mart opening stores in New York, the New York City Council postponed the meeting until next year, when it will be held in a larger space.

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“We needed a bigger room,” Council speaker, Christine C. Quinn, said. “We heard from unions all across the city, small business leaders from across the city. It’s a growing list of people.”

Walmart Makes Another Push Into New York City
Walmart hasn’t given up on New York yet and is looking at real estate throughout the city. Many other metropolitan areas have blocked the retailer, largely over fear that it will damage the prospects of small local stores and regional chains. 

NY Daily News: Wal-Mart May Land in East New York; Community Braces for Big-Box Retailer
East New York is bracing for what could be the city’s first Walmart, as the big box chain seriously eyes a site in the neighborhood.  “Related basically threw the supermarkets under the bus and decided to put all its eggs in the Walmart basket,” said a real estate source