August, 2009

Week in Wal-Mart News

Wal-Mart continues to test their Latino thread of stores, hoping it will spark more U.S. expansion.

It’s official a Wal-Mart will be built on a Civil War battle field.  But Preservationists say that the Wal-Mart Civil War battle is not over yet.

Wall Street Journal looks at Wal-Mart’s international growth and sales compared to the U.S.  Wal-Mart operates 3,615 stores internationally and 4,258 in the United States.

Wal-Mart also spent $2.6 million lobbying in the 2nd quarter.

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Wal-Mart uses recession in attempt to come to NYC

“Now, more than any other time in recent memory, New York City residents want and need better access to our stores so they are not forced to travel to New Jersey or Long Island to benefit from the savings Wal-Mart provides for working families,”… “Hopefully we will be able to bring a store to New York in the near future.” -a spokesman, Philip Serghini, in an e-mail message, in yesterdays Crain’s.

Here is Wal-Mart once again using the recession as a frugal attempt to enter New York City.

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