Sign the letter to the new Wal-Mart CEO

Today, Wal-Mart has a new CEO. Mike Duke has the historic opportunity to turn the page, and finally start doing things the right way at Wal-Mart. Sign our open letter of support to Wal-Mart workers, outlining what their new boss can do – starting today – to let them live better, too. We’ll be posting the letter on our website, and sending it to every employee that we talk with — and we’ll make sure to send Mike Duke a signed copy as well.

Follow this link to sign the letter:

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One thought on “Sign the letter to the new Wal-Mart CEO

  1. That’s why New Yorkers go outside of NYC. The Green Acres Wal-Mart does huge numbers. And guess what? 80% of shoppers are from NYC.

    Why are there so many damn Targets in NYC? 3 in Brooklyn alone. And Target is looking for a forth. No one is up in arms about that. I know a store owner who is hurt by the Flatbush/Nostrand store. Fulton Street Downtown Brooklyn would have been fine. There are no so called mom and pops there. Just 2 Payless stores 5 Duane Reades 2 sprint stores and a who lot of other CHAIN stores. I’m not a hug fan of Wal Mart but damn, I went there last week and saved a few bucks. We should worry about fixing the streets and cleaning all the trash around.