April, 2008

For the fifth time in six years, Wal-Mart tops the Fortune 500 list

Despite the PR nightmares and mistreatment of workers Wal-Mart remains on top of the Fortune 500 list again for the fifth time in the last six years. From CNN.com

The retail giant reclaims the top spot on the Fortune 500, making it the largest company in the United States for the fifth time in six years. The company suffered a series of public relations gaffes last year, but has launched a crusade to spruce up its image. It now employs 1.9 million people worldwide and revenues are up 11% over last year, but profits grew less than 1%, amid a slowdown in same-store sales.

New York State's largest Grocery Union responds to Mayor Bloomberg's Wal-Mart endorsments

In today’s New York Sun, Mayor Bloomberg says of Wal-Mart; “Wal-Mart clearly shares our goals, and their commitment to public safety really is commendable,” This morning, New York’s largest Grocery Union was taken back by this comment and issued a response.

“With all due respect to the Mayor, I would ask him to take a close look at Wal-marts long, well documented history of being one this country’s most irresponsible employers. Wal-mart has paid hundreds of millions of dollars in wage and hour violations, encouraged workers to go on tax payer funded healthcare rather than provide accessible insurance, has allowed overseas child labor to produce their products, is a defendant in this Nation’s largest gender discrimination lawsuit and been responsible for the loss of hundreds of thousands of jobs and lost local businesses. Their overall behavior has been anything but responsible,” stated Bruce W. Both, President of United Food and Commercial Workers Union Local 1500.

Read the entire Press Release at Local 1500’s blog.

National Advertising Division tells Wal-Mart to stop spreading lies

AdAge.com has a featured piece on their site today telling Wal-Mart to stop claiming consumers can save $2,500 annually by shopping there. More lies from the company that strives on helping the ‘American Dream’

Wal-Mart should discontinue the implied advertising claim that consumers can save $2,500 annually by shopping there, the National Advertising Division of the Council of Better Business Bureaus recommended in a statement today.

Check out the entire article here.