US Rep Jerrold Nadler rips Wal-Mart over container security

Yesterday Jerrold Nadler of New Yorks 8th congressional district (representing Manhattan and Brooklyn) held a press conference with local union representatives to inform the public how scanning containers on imports is a growing cause for concern. One in 25 of containers entering the United States in 2005 was bound for a Wal-Mart store, Wal-Mart continues to fight against scanning all of their cargo containers entering American ports, and for what? Their irresponsible actions have to stop. Here are a few quotes from Jerrold Nadler…

“Terrorists could hide a nuclear weapon inside a shipping container bound for New York at any time, and large importers such as Wal-Mart are partly to blame for opposing greater scanning checks.”

“Wal-Mart, America’s largest importer, has actively worked to oppose the scanning of all cargo containers coming into our ports,”

Nadler is taking steps in the right direction, we all know about Wal-Marts irresponsibility as an employer, these precautions on imports should be taken seriously. Though Wal-Mart continues to act irresponsible, we are not surprised.

Read the article in Todays Metro.