Wal-Mart dominates the news again

New York Times: Is Wal-Mart Too Cheap for Its Own Good?

Low prices, it turns out, can be bad for business. A confidential report prepared for senior executives at Wal-Mart Stores concludes, in stark terms, that the chain’s traditional strengths — its reputation for discounts, its all-in-one shopping format and its enormous selection — “work against us” as it tries to move upscale.

Washington Post: Wal-Mart report questioned strengths: report

Wal-Mart is not seen as “a smart choice” in categories like electronics, apparel, home decor, pharmacy and grocery, where “saving money and time are not the be-all, end-all drivers,” the report said.

New York Times: Ad Agency: Wal – Mart Lacking Respect

GSD&M; had handled Wal-Mart’s advertising for 19 years until the retailer hired a new group during the winter. For its 55-page document, ”Wal-Mart: Positioning Report,” GSD&M; conducted in-home interviews with 24 groups of consumers and 20 individuals nationwide and took some of them shopping.

One thought on “Wal-Mart dominates the news again

  1. Why not let Wal-Mart in NYC. Why is Target is opening stores all over the place? Is the city getting something from Target. I love Target, but I also love Wal-Mart. Fine I’ll keep spending my money on Long Island and New Jersey. I’m sure me like thousands of New Yorkers don’t mind giving LI or Jersey extra tax revenue s.