Farewell to our friends at Paidcritics.com

Our friends at Paid Critics (we say friends as in, well we weren’t friends at all they posted a bunch of lies about our orginzation and Wal-Mart in general) are closing up shop. Funny how Wal-Mart has to pay people to write fake blogs in order to promote themselves to the internet community. Wal-Marting across America is a classic example of how far Wal-Mart is really willing to go, but check out he business week article here.

Working Families for Wal-Mart — a national advocacy group funded primarily by Wal-Mart Stores Inc. to combat mounting criticism — is suspending its site called paidcritics.com.

The suspension of paidcritics.com appears to be the latest in a series of stumbles for Working Families For Wal-Mart. Last October, Ron Galloway, a filmmaker whose work praised Wal-Mart, quit the group over the pay caps adopted in August. At the time, Sheridan said that Galloway had left over environmental policy differences. In August, civil rights leader Andrew Young stepped down as chairman of the steering committee after making remarks that were seen as racially offensive.