Welcome to India, birthplace of Ghandi, largest populated country, one of the most historical countries in the world and now the new home of Wal-Mart. India’s labour force contains 496.4 million working people, 60% of which are employed in agriculture-related industries. The service sector accounts for 23% of GDP. Wal-Mart has been trying to enter India for the last few years and has encountered internal opposition from India as well as opposition from Americans. The Traders forum recognizes the effect Wal-Mart will have on India’s economy

“Stores like Wal-Mart being quite in large numbers across the world will source will source products of lower quality from any part of the world because of their giant size and will dump products in their country,” he said

World-wide expansion only makes a reality scarier of Lee Scotts dream having “A Wal-Mart within 5 miles of every American…and every Country” This will destroy business forcing terrible low-paying no benefit jobs on our workers, as well as pushing only their products on us. The Wal-Mart effect.