Wal-Mart,Top News of the week

Today we look at how Wal-Mart expects the worst results in a decade. How the grinch I mean Wal-Mart ruined Christmas for one family in Oregon
How Wal-Mart’s new attendence policy has workers dialing 800 numbers to explain tardiness.
And finally how Christians across America are now boycotting Wal-Mart for doing business with the Corporate Advisory Council of the Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce, and how over 62,000 people have signed an online petetion ordering Wal-Mart to end their relationship with the council.

Abolishment of WalMart layaway policy affects family
Statesman Journal – Salem,Oregon,USA
The late Sam Walton, founder of the WalMart empire, wrote in his autobiography that the secret to successful retailing is always giving customers what they

WalMart Expects Worst Results in Decade
New York Sun – New York,NY,USA
WalMart Stores Inc. The estimate means WalMart, the world’s largest retailer, is headed for its worst monthly performance since April 1996.