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Wal-Mart’s foreign labor practices get failing grade
Blogging Stocks – USA
WalMart’s foreign factories are not up to snuff, according to inspectors. WalMart said that it performed 13,600 initial and follow

Wal-Mart’s urban strategy(Chicago, New York next)
Marketplace – Los Angeles,CA,USA
MARK AUSTIN THOMAS: WalMart opened its first store in Chicago yesterday. HELEN PALMER: Getting a foothold in US cities has been tough for WalMart.

Green Wal-Mart Gets Meaner
Yahoo! News – USA

The Nation — Recently, I wrote an article for the magazine — sorry, it’s not available on the web unless you subscribe — on WalMart’s recent decision to ….
According to the report, the company has a contract to source milk from Aurora Organic Dairy, which is one of the worst industrial organic offenders

Reaction to Wal-Mart Drug Plan Varies
News & Notes, September 27, 2006 ยท While some are lauding WalMart’s plan to reduce drug prices in its stores, others worry about the effect on small

The Prescription Revolution Has Officially Started
Yahoo! News (press release) – USA
“In light of Walmart’s recent move to sell 291 generic drugs at reduced prices, we’d just like to remind consumers that Walmart may not be the best solution.

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