Wal-Mart Bill Defeated

Marylands “Fair Share Act” was defeated this week when Judge J. Frederick Motz dismissed the bill for what he calls a bill that “didn’t really provide health care to anyone” The law would require any private company which employed more than 10,000 workers to spend the minimum of 8% of its salary expenses on Health Insurance…OR write a check to the state for the difference.

The bill primarily targets Big Box Stores failure to provide Health Insurance to its large amount of employees. Earlier this year WakeUpWalmart released a report which analyzed the amount of Tax-Payer money that goes towards Wal-Mart workers health care (due to Wal-Mart not providing Health Care and employees using State provided health insurance) The New York State amount was $65 Million Dollars.

Although the Bill was defeated it did pressure Wal-Mart to improve its Health Care situation and is a definite step in the right direction. Read the NYT Editorial on the decision

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