Wal-Mart steps toward NYC: Step 1: White Plains

Wal-Mart will open a store in a nine-story building in downtown White Plains tomorrow, an urban model that the retailer hopes someday will work in New York City.

Last month, the nation’s largest retailer opened another store just seven miles from Manhattan in Kearny, N.J., as part of its strategy to encircle the city with stores.

The director of corporate affairs for Wal-Mart in the Northeast, Steven Restivo, said the new stores were part of a strategy to increase Wal-Mart’s presence in the tri-state area. He said that more announcements of area openings are expected this fall.

We all must work together to stop Wal-Mart from entering our unique city, please stay active, sign up for email updates and check our sites for more information on what we are going to do to put a stop to this.


2 thoughts on “Wal-Mart steps toward NYC: Step 1: White Plains

  1. I don’t live in New York but I know how you feel. Countless times here in Denver Walmart has been rebuked by many protesters but still they build there stupid stores. What makes me even angrier is the way the treat their employees.