Wal-Mart: "Back to Basics"

Recalling Rocking Chairs
Wal-Mart is living up to their word going directly back to basics when it was announced yesterday that the world’s biggest retailer is recalling about 643,000 rocking chairs after reports that poor construction and over-curvature of the runners caused 45 injuries, U.S. regulators said. The re-called chair was the
Mainstays Love Seat Rocker model IT-13380, which were sold from May 2004 through September 2005 for about $100. Also involved is the Mainstays Porch Rocker models IT-13379 and IT-13270, sold from April 2004 through March 2006 for about $50.

Getting back to basics, Wal-Mart has recieved 55 incident reports that involve the chair, the reports range from a pregnant woman having contractions after the chair she was sitting on flipped over backwards, to injuries that include a cuts in a legs requiring stiches, fractured ribs, back injuries, pinched nerves, wrist sprains, and a shoulder joint tear. Wal-Mart has clearly gone back to basics providing Americans with their always high quality life-time lasting products.

Plano Update
I’ve got a some more info I didn’t get a chance to post up yesterday on Wal-Marts new
‘Upscale’ store in Plano Texas.

  • Plano, has an average household income of $140,000, three times that of the retailer’s typical market.
  • The new features to a “New” Wal-Mart
    • WI-FI Internet Cafe
    • It is also testing new store signs and a different layout, based upon research that focused on women shoppers.

In the News
On NBC’s
Today, Katie Couric introduced a report on Wal-Mart’s expansion of its retail business in China by telling viewers: “It’s a company that is as American as mom and apple pie.”

MediaMatters.com, has put together footage of the clip, along with an array of facts explaing why Wal-Mart is the farthest thing away from Mom and Apple pie, read the very informative report here