61.5 Million Dollars

A study concerning the “Wal-Mart Tax” was released in New York yesterday by www.wakeupwalmart.com. The study analyzes the amount of State and Federal Taxpayers money that is used by Wal-Mart Workers and dependents, a problem that can be easily solved if the worlds largest company simply provided health-care to its employees. New York was among the top five in most Taxpayer money, concuring that 61.5 Million Dollars of New York’s Taxpayer money is going directley to Wal-Mart Workers health care funds. Wal-Mart Workers rely on government provided healthcare simply because of the worlds largest employer refuses to provide decent0 health benefits. Off the top of my head I can think of at least 100 things this state could be doing with that money if Wal-Mart acted responsible…States across the country are now introducing legislation to help ease this tax as well as help provide Wal-Mart and other Big-Box employees with benefits. The entire study is available for reading here here. And to see how the other states match up check out the Wal-Mart Tax Map.
We encourage all New Yorkers to read and educate themselves about how Wal-Mart is affecting lives everyday.