The Quinnipiac Poll…

There has been much news concerning the recent Quinnipiac University Poll results which read that New York City registered voters are welcome to the idea of Wal-Mart in New York. Dispite the terrible press, overwhelming statistics on how hurtful Wal-Mart is to surrounding communities, increased crime, mistreatment of workers, and the degradation women, New York City registered voters by a 51 – 37 percent margin support Wal-Mart opening stores in New York City. Even respondents from union households support Wal-Mart 47 – 37 percent. The entire poll is available here Quinnipiac Poll.
The extremely alarming news has caused much stir especially since the council and community board of the Bronx just banned Wal-Mart from the soon to be newly renovated Bronx Terminal Market. The NY SUN broke down the poll in Mondays article heres how the bouroughs all poll’d.

  • The New York Sun, only 39% of Manhattan residents said they supported a Wal-Mart in the city,
  • But 64% of Bronx residents said they would welcome the retailer.
  • In Staten Island, 58% supported Wal-Mart opening.
  • Brooklyn and Queens, 52% supported it.

Pat Purcell, Director of Organizing responded, “Do you think New Yorkers are aware of the wage and labor practices of any other retailers?” Purcell asked. “No other retailer would even need to do a poll. If they did, every number would be in the 90% approval range.”